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RatesRates are based on property features, location, and season. Rates are subject to change without notice. The guest agrees to adhere to the number of occupants included on the reservation. The guest shall incur a fee of $100 USD for each additional occupant not included on the reservation.

Rental PaymentsA deposit of 50% of the total reservation cost is due at the time of reservation. The deposit must be paid by wire transfer. The remaining balance in full is due either thirty (30) days prior to guest arrival or in cash upon guest arrival. The total reservation cost shall include a standard wire transfer fee.

Cancellation policy & Refunds: Cancellations are non-refundable. No exceptions shall be permitted. After SWEET HOME TULUM receives the signed rental agreement, any cancellations, date changes, or property selection changes shall invoke the cancellation policy and the guest shall not be entitled to a refund.

No refunds shall be granted for late arrivals, early departures, or mechanical failure of any items or services[ , including but not limited to: air conditioners, televisions, Internet service, dishwashers, pools, and other luxury items. No refunds shall be granted for disturbances, including power outages, construction from surrounding areas, flooding, or water shortages.

Damage deposit: Upon check-in, the guest shall provide a damage deposit in cash. Damage deposit amounts vary based on the unit reserved and range from $250 – $500 USD. The damage deposit shall be returned after the guest checks out and staff reviews the unit.

Reporting DamageIf the guest perceives any damage to the rental unit upon arrival, the guest should immediately report to the damage to staff to avoid possible liability. If any loss or damage occurs during the rental period, the guest should immediately notify staff.

HousekeepingThe unit shall be cleaned to quality standards prior to guest arrival and after guest departure. The guest shall be responsible for cleaning the unit during the rental period and shall leave the unit in good condition upon checkout. The guest is asked to respect the unit and its owners by treating the property as they would their own home. OCCUPANTS SHALL NOT FLUSH TOILET PAPER, SANITARY NAPKINS, TAMPONS, PAPER TOWELS, WIPES, OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT IN UNIT TOILETS. IF ANY TOILET DAMAGE OR BLOCKAGE OCCURS AS A RESULT OF A FLUSHED PRODUCT, THE GUEST SHALL BE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY.

Linens/Towels/Supplies: Units include an initial set-up of trash can liners, toilet paper, and soap. The guest shall be responsible for purchasing all additional supplies.

Linens and bath towels are provided in each unit, and beach towels are provided in some units. Occupants are prohibited from removing towels and linens from the unit. The guest shall be responsible for maintaining linen conditions. Costs for damages shall be deducted from the damage deposit. Damages include burns, tears, removal from the rental unit, and stains from make-up and blood. An additional cleaning charge shall be assessed for unit conditions requiring cleaning in excess of the normally allotted time.

KeysThe guest shall be charged a fee of $100 – $150 USD for each key not returned upon checkout.

Smoking is strictly prohibitedAll units are non-smoking units. If a unit shows evidence of smoking, the guest shall incur a minimum fee of $250 USD for carpet cleaning and deodorizing.

Pets: Pets are allowed in specific units only. Please inquire with staff about pet-friendly units. If evidence of a pet is found in a non-pet-friendly unit, the guest shall incur a minimum charge of $250 USD for cleaning.

Liability: The guest expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SWEET HOME TULUM and unit owners from any accidents, injuries, losses and/or damages to the guest and/or the guest’s invitees. The guest expressly agrees and understands the possibility of injury or death from use of pools and other bodies of water. The guest agrees that neither SWEET HOME TULUM nor its employees shall be liable for any claims, damages, injuries, demands, or death to any persons, whether or not the injury, damage, or death is due to the negligence of SWEET HOME TULUM or its employees. The guest agrees to assume the foregoing risks and accepts personal liability for any injuries, damages, or loss of property, including money, jewelry, or valuables. The guest shall not hold SWEET HOME TULUM responsible for theft, vandalism, or damage to either the guest’s property or other items left in the unit.

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